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Scott M.

I have worked with Debby McKnight for over 5 years.  She is a trainer of the highest order and a rare technician when It comes to exercise form and body alignment.  She is a former competitor who is as knowledgeable as anyone I have ever met regarding fitness.  In a world of Johnny come lately trainers who often know little more about exercise than their clients, Debby is a rare treasure, an old school guru who has seen it all and simply uses what works, not the latest fad or craze.  If your goal is to truly change your body and achieve your best, I cannot recommend her strongly enough.   When it comes to serious trainers she is “the whole truth.”


Steve S.,

I have trained with Debby McKnight for over 20 years. I started training to lose some weight and strengthen my bones and muscles, hoping to keep myself from becoming frail as I aged. During the normal course of my training, my body changed until people began asking if I was training to become Mr. America. Debby's tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and her insistence on training with correct form has allowed me to work through injuries and the normal aches and pains you accumulate in life.  I am much stronger, more flexible, and more agile than my friends who have avoided the gym, or who have injured themselves training improperly. I would highly recommend Debby to anyone who wants to become healthier and stronger.


Tony L.,

It started with a left shoulder injury due to following self-fitness YouTube videos. I could barely lift my left shoulder without wincing in pain. Physical Therapy alleviated a little bit of the pain but didn’t heal the injury. A coworker referred me to Debby after hearing about my problem. After a few sessions, she recommended seeing a doctor and getting an MRI to better assess the problem. The Doctor’s diagnosis and MRI showed a small tear on my rotator cuff; therefore, they recommended surgery. I showed Debby the MRI and instead of jumping immediately to surgery, we decided to try rehabilitative exercise first.  I could always have surgery later if needed.  Debby customized a workout to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured area. A year later of hard work and lots of tears, the pain was gone and I’m able to move my left shoulder like before, all without surgery.  My doctor was amazed.  Along the way, I also lost weight (240 lbs. down to 190 lbs.) and kept it off.  I will forever be grateful for her knowledge, patience and guidance.


Lee M.,

My experience with Deb McKnight as a trainer was unique. I was 88 years old. My wife had died a few years before. I had been away from strength training for several years. I worked out at the gym for several weeks on my own, observing every trainer working at my gym. One thing I noticed about Deb, and which proved to be true for the entire time I worked with her. She never wavered from observing and being aware of what I was doing. Other trainers would often look around at others in the gym, or spend time looking at their phones, or making long phone talks. Deb never did this- she treated each client, and myself as if it were her job to give us her attention for the entirety of our session. She was never late, never dismissed me early, was always on time and greeted me after my stretching.. She showed the same respect for my time that she expected from me.  She was very knowledgeable about kinesiology, anatomy and the workings of the gym and its equipment. She freely shared her knowledge with me and never made me feel dumb or stupid for asking questions or making mistakes in my exercises. Deb was meticulous about my needs for exercise and never tried to put her ideas of what I needed ahead of what I described as what I needed.  She was always good natured and never moody even though she was an excellent and concerned single mother to her children.  I really liked the way she always had a warm and caring attitude toward me and others in the gym.  I am very proud to offer her my endorsement.  I guess you could say that I really liked and admired her.


Leslie M.

Just before I turned 40, I started looking for a personal trainer because I’d join a gym but always stop going after a few months. Then I met Debby and I’m still training with her 25 years later (Okay, 24. I avoided the gym during COVID-19.). First and foremost, Debby is reliable.  She’s a certified personal trainer who knows her stuff and will always look out for you, making sure you don’t hurt yourself on the weights. If you’re a woman and concerned about developing big muscles, don’t be. Lifting weights can be all about muscle tone, not looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Debby is gentle and caring and patient—if you want a drill sergeant barking orders at you, you’ve come to the wrong place. Because of her extensive knowledge Debby is able to work with all ages.



Debby is such an incredible trainer.  She is so inspiring and supportive of her client's journey.  She definitely helped me and continues to help me reach my goals.  I have learned more about diet and correct form from her than any other trainer I have been to before.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She is super woman, therapist, and drill sergeant all in one.


Wendy R.

Training in the gym has always been extremely important to me my entire adult life.  About 4 years ago I was stricken with severe osteoarthritis, and have had 2 neck surgeries and one back surgery.  I felt it was important to take on a trainer who knew how to deal with someone with such severe physical problems, and Debby did that for me.  She is truly amazing.  Her knowledge of the body and nutrition has kept me safe and happy.  In addition to being an amazing trainer, her line of clothing is fabulous.  Thank you Debby.