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Debby McKnight's Pro Training

Passion  * Commitment * Knowledge * Excellence

A great fitness program should not only give you strength and endurance, it should build structural integrity, muscular balance, physical and mental confidence, and promote resilience and longevity.   People rarely think about these aspects of physical conditioning.  They all too often fall for fads and gimmicks that promise quick results with little effort, a fake one-stop shop of sorts for the ultimate body without devoting time or commitment to providing the right stimulus or changing lifestyle habits.  To be successful any program must provide intensity and variety, but it must also be consistent and provide a mindful approach.  While all movement has benefit, random exercise is incomplete and only creates a very small effect.  Real body and mind training gives the real results.  You must train your body to do what you want it to do.   

For those of you who’ve had experience in the gym, how many people do you see who actually create change in their bodies for the better?  Very few.

You see the cardio queen who slumps over her elliptical in poor posture, the fearful woman who is convinced if she lifts more than 3 lbs. she will look like the Hulk, the random bad form exerciser,  the crossfitter who never builds muscle, and the ones that actually start looking worse because of bad advice on food and programming. You also see many guys and girls who have lifted enough to build muscle but have distorted their bodies and impeded progress due to years of training with improper technique.  

Many trainers train one way to look good, but work clients out a different way just to have the appearance of being innovative.  How the body works doesn’t really change though, and you can’t recreate the wheel. 

Debby McKnight maintains a sensible no bull approach to training and nutrition, and tells it like it is.  Her training programs not only stress consistency, time, technique, variety, and intensity, but also bring the nutrition in line to achieve the ultimate results.   She is a training professional with nearly 40 years under her belt.

This experience is invaluable if you are 10 or 100 years young, no matter what your goal.  Debby takes an honest assessment of each person’s unique goals, needs, and priorities to fine-tune a program that gives the best possible outcome.

Debby's Pro Training combines her passion for fitness, health, and wellness with her commitment to providing the best possible result for her clients through her extensive experience and knowledge.  While understanding that the unrealistic pursuit of perfection is mentally and physically detrimental, Debby continually supports and encourages her clients through her honesty, realistic goal setting,  and commitment to excellence.   

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